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Intestinal health from an ayurvedic point of view According to Ayurveda the organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, and biomolecules work
morning watch in bed
4 routines to live in harmony with your circadian rhythm The concept of Ayurveda can be applied as a lifestyle,
woman's belly
  There are beneficial and harmful bacterias in our intestinal tract. The good bacterias are lactic acid bacterias such as
spoon with ginger and salt
  Having a slow or even poor digestion? Feeling heavy after a meal? Not feeling hungry at all? Besides chewing
olja i glasburk med sil
  Ayurvedic cooking is unthinkable without ghee. What is ghee and why is it so healthy? Ghee is clarified butter,
  Today’s blog is about tongue scraping, one of ayurveda's best morning routines to do. In general I recommend 3
Vata dosha - 4 simple ways to alleviate vata dosha imbalances Autumn is the season characterized by change, and cold