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Ayurvedic consultation
a holistic approach for both health and mental balance

What happens in a visit to an Ayurvedic practitioner?

An Ayurvedic health consultation always starts with a pulse diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis reveals the existing health status and may indicate that you have an imbalance in your body. With an imbalance in the doshas their presence in the body increase or decrease as do the three qualities (vata, pitta, kapha) connected to the doshas. During an Ayurvedic health consultation, I first read your pulse and then I will tell you what I found. Then we will talk about your health, your experienced symptoms and what you want to change or need help with. During the first consultation I will assess your skin, hair, nails, and even do a simplified tongue and eye diagnosis to get a full picture of your health.
After we discussed your imbalances you will get individual and simple advice that support and enhance your health. Together we will agree on dietary changes, breathing and yoga exercises if you want, as well as simple lifestyle changes that are right for you.

According to Ayurveda, your health is affected by circumstances such as diet, season, living and working environment, relationships, thoughts and feelings. It is when balances are disrupted that symptoms arise and give you insight into what is needed to create balance, maintain health and prevent illness. Change takes time and with only small changes over time you will see a big difference in your health and our well-being!

What is Ayurveda?

The term Ayurveda means “science of life” and is a holistic system that seeks the wellbeing of a person. It is an estimated 5000 years old wisdom for natural health and inner development. Within Ayurveda, each individual has a personal constitution that is based on three doshas (vata, pitta or kapha) which are related to each other. They can be balanced through a variety of treatments such as Ayurvedic massage treatment, dietary changes and various body exercises (asanas). Ayurveda has three basic objectives: to cure and prevent illnesses and imbalances and to develop perfect health.

The aim for balancing the doshas is to make us feel good and happy, to feel in balance with nature and our environment and body-mind balance. Ayurveda therapy provides us with the tools to get balanced more easily and to feel good in all aspects of life. An ayurvedic consultation and treatment is therefore based upon a person’s dosha and their vikritis (dosha imbalances).

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Prices ayurvedic health consultation

Introduction 10-15 min – free

We talk about why you want to meet an Ayurvedic health coach, as well as your wishes and expectations for our meeting. You get an idea who I am as a person and you will get an introduction to Ayurveda and my working methods.

New customer package – visit & follow-up – 1,695 SEK

This package includes pulse diagnosis every time we meet. During the first visit you will get a full body assessment and we discuss your health history, as well as your goals and expectations for the meeting. We decide together which recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle and exercise are best for you. You will get a personal health plan that fit into your daily life. First visit takes about 75-90 minutes and the follow-up visit about 30-45 minutes. The follow-up visit is booked approximately 4-6 weeks after the first visit.

Optimizing-package 3 months – visit & two follow-ups – 2,450 SEK

This package is for those who have chronic or long-term problems. Change takes time and changing your diet and lifestyle can be challenging in the beginning. Therefore, follow-up visits are important for support and motivation. You will get a personal health plan. First visit takes about 75-90 minutes and follow-up visits about 30-45 minutes. Payment can be divided into 2 months. In additon to our meetings you will get e-mail support during the 3 months.

Follow-up visit 30–45 minutes – 750 SEK

Follow-up visits cannot be booked as new customers. You already bought one of the above packages. This visit includes a pulse diagnosis. We will discuss your health concerns, goals and expectations of our meeting. Together we decide which kind of adjustment in diet, lifestyle and exercise habits are
best for you right now.

You decide how you want us to meet. We can communicate via video, phone or have physical meetings in my clinic in Helsingborg. If you choose a video or telephone conversation, there will not be able to perform a pulse reading, instead you will fill in a health survey (which you receive from me when you book). You are required to send it back to me at least 3 days in advance via email.

What is the difference between a regular health consultation and an Ayurvedic health

Both health consultations I offer are aimed to prevent illness and promote health. Both consultations focus on diet and lifestyle measures to create positive and healthy change. In a regular health consultation, we create a health plan based on the health survey and blood tests or other analysis. The action plan in an Ayurvedic health consultation is based on my pulse diagnosis, body assessment and what you tell me how you feel.

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